I am confident I can connect with your student and help him or her realize his or her academic potential. Reference are available upon request. See below some comments from former students. 

If we've worked together in the past, I'd love to hear your feedback! I respect your privacy and will only post your comments publicly if you give me permission to do so. 

Erin is a wonderful tutor. I worked with her for five years on basic writing and research to complicated German grammar. Erin is a kind person whose positive attitude helped me gain confidence with math and the ACT. Erin has a broad range of skills that can be used to help any student in need of a little support. I am so glad I found her.
— Alex, 2016
Erin is an excellent tutor who was able to connect with our son, identify his areas needing improvement, and quickly provide him the strategy, tools and drills needed to make a huge improvement in his ACT score, and all in just a few sessions via Skype!
— Scott B., 2016
Erin is an amazing tutor. She has helped me from American AP United States History to significantly bringing up my ACT score. Erin helped me bring out the true potential of my academic excellence. I would definitely refer her to others as a tutor/instructor.
— Clay B. 2015
Erin was amazing! She helped me work through several drafts of admissions essays for my graduate school application. She was extremely helpful in helping me structure my essay, and keeping the essay relevant to the topic. She is also an amazing writer and really helped me with my grammar. I really enjoyed working with her and would totally recommend her!
— Ruth L., 2013
Erin is an amazing tutor! She is helpful with both the SAT’s and with preparation for AP and subject tests. She is patient, organized and effective. My son’s scores went up on the SAT’s and he received high marks on his AP exams. (2 5’s and a 4) after working with Erin. She is also prompt, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend her.
— Kathy P., 2012
Erin is wonderful, and I am so glad I hired her to work on writing with my son! His English teacher told us she is blown away by his progress, and working with Erin has made my son much more enthusiastic about writing. He actually expresses excitement about writing, which he always used to dread!
— Josh, 2012
Erin was great! She edited a bunch of free responses I was working on for medical school applications. I was very happy with the end products and would recommend her to anyone looking for a well written paper. She was flexible with her time and very understanding too.
— Sarah, 2011
Erin is a wonderful tutor, and I highly recommend her! She is a great writer and really helped me with the grammar and structure of my essay. She was very prepared for our meeting and maximized our time together. She is very responsive to emails and does everything possible to put the student first. She is worth every penny!
— Tim D., 2011
My godson, is a college sophomore and athlete who was ambivalent about improving his writing skills. Erin’s enthusiasm and extraordinary ability to communicate her exceptional writing skills did much more than greatly improve my godson’s writing. She inspired him to write well, an unexpected and invaluable gift for which we are both grateful.
— Larry R., 2011
Erin is an AMAZING tutor. She knows exactly what she is talking about and offers such helpful advice. I went to her for help with my college admissions essay and the help I received was just amazing!! I am so happy I found her and met with her!
— Albert, 2011
Erin was lovely. She was patient and understanding, and really helped me organize my thoughts. I would highly recommend to her to anyone who needs helps with their writing!
— Lilly C., 2011